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Antigua Golf
Post by John Ehle

Ron McPherson was Antigua's first employee if you don't count founder Tom Dooley. McPherson is celebrating his 35th year leading Antigua which has continued to diversify its product line during its 38...

Sunice Golf Outerwear
Post by John Ehle

Sunice has moved forward and upward since its emergence in 1976 as trend-setting skiwear at the Olympics. The Canadian company was enlisted as the outfitter for an ascent of Everest in 1982 and soon t...

Ping G30 SF Tec Driver
Post by David Theoret

Recently, I went to to investigate the new G30 line. What greeted me on the opening page was a short video of Bubba Watson - PING Ambassador extraordinaire - on a launch monitor demonstrating...

Etiquette on the Course
Post by John Ehle

A golfer's comportment on the course is taken for granted in most cases..until a fellow player commits a gaffe that is so obvious and (possibly) upsetting that it becomes an awkward issue. These even...

2015 Golf Driver Reviews
Post by Scott Kramer

As if you're not seeking more distance off the tee. Everyone is -- even the Tour pros. That's why all of the major manufacturers have recently debuted their latest models, promising -- you guessed it ...

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